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Welcome to Samak Island

A private island, completely off-grid, designed in the mindset of functional minimalism and sustainability.

• Thirty-five hectares of unspoiled forest, with three powder-sand beaches, forest trails, a beautiful lagoon with crystal clear water and colorful reefs.

• An open-air two-story bamboo bungalow overlooking the entire lagoon, available for rent short or long term.

• A beautiful beach hut perfect for exercise, yoga and body work sessions; also with incredible ocean views and a constant fresh ocean breeze.

• A cosy community kitchen, home of our Coconut Cafe with indoor and outdoor tables

• A permaculture farm with chickens, rabbits, ducks, fresh fruits and vegetables.

• Staff and volunteer quarters.


True Ecotourism

Ecosymbiosis is all about conserving nature while integrating people into the natural world in a non-destructive manner. You will become part of the sustainable system first-hand and your presence will be positively contributing to the conservation of this precious island environment.


The Coconut Cafe

A homey and sustainability-oriented food hut, offering an abundance of fresh and healthy foods to your liking. Since there are neither stores nor external restaurants on the island, food is included in your island stay.


Healing Center

Our holistic healing center offers massages, body work and dietary consulting on one-on-one basis as well as a range of group workshops.


What Client's Say?

What Sets Us Apart
Less is truly more...

• No pollution of air or water
• No noisy neighbors
• No crowded beaches
• Nobody soliciting you to sell you stuff or services
• No party next door while you’re looking for peace and quiet
• No light pollution, you will even see the Milky Way during nights with a new moon

Privacy & Convenience

• Private sunbathing
• Yoga mats and basic exercise equipment at your disposal
• Powder-sand beach with easy water access even for kids
• Snorkels and canoes available to explore the protected lagoon and vivid coral reefs
• Private bird, wildlife and turtle watching
• Alternative lifestyle, LBGT-friendly
• Perfect for small private lifestyle groups, honeymoon couples or your private yoga/meditation retreat

Join the island team

• Morning group yoga sessions
• Dinghy tour to surrounding beaches and islands
• Nature and adventure hikes on and around the islands
• Climb to the famous Moon Rock View Point
• Garden and volunteer with us and lear about permaculture and our sustainable water, waste and power systems
• Join us for a music jam

The Cappa

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The Cappa

Extra Services

In case you want to pamper yourself or you are looking for even more unique adventures, don’t be shy and don’t miss out…

A stunning view, the feel of being outdoors in the middle of nature, complete privacy, comfort in the mindset of functional minimalism…

Call us, it's toll-free.


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