• 100% Renewable Energy
    We are 100% solar powered, no noisy generators or fumes.
  • Energy saving lighting
    We use LED lights in our actual living structures, solar lights in pathways and provide rechargeable headlamps for our guests to safely move at night from one place to another. This insures minimal light pollution and lowest possible energy use for lighting.
  • Organic, homegrown and local food
    Our island farm supplies fresh fruits, vegetables, coconuts, eggs and meats all 100% grown organically. Most other foods are sourced from the local community.
  • Water
    All our water is from our own well. Our solar pump dispatches the water into holding tanks, from which gravity supplies all our water outlets. Thanks to our three-stage filtration system, we have our own drinking water.
  • Water recycling & use of rainwater
    Wherever possible, we use water catchment as well as our own waste water to water our crops.
  • Water conservation
    Low flow is key to keeping water use to the minimum. Even our plantation areas are designed to conserve water.
  • Ecological cleaning products and cosmetics
    Living on a coconut plantation, we make our own coconut-based cleaning products, coconut oil and coconut sunscreen.
  • More than 80% waste recycling
    As much as possible, food on the island is based on unprocessed and non-packaged foods to avoid plastic garbage. Further, we use composting toilets, which allows us to have zero waste water flowing into the ocean and instead transforms our waste into compost and fertilizer for our farm.
  • Car-free zone
    There are no motor vehicles on the island.
  • Minimalistic green buildings
    Our buildings are made from natural materials such as bamboo, wood, alang alang and sagu leaves. There’s only minimal use of cement and metal for foundations. Our open-wall design allows for permanent natural air flow with minimal use of power.
  • Sustainability
    Wherever possible, we create closed loops to use whatever is available with maximum efficiency, in order to enhance the beauty and diversity of this natural oasis. We love to drink and eat our coconuts, the scraps of which become food for our animals, and we burn the coconut husks into charcoal. Our animals, especially our rabbits, produce exceptionally fertile manure that we mix with our charcoal to produce durable fertilizer to improve our soil which allows us to grow our delicious fruits and vegetables. All scraps are composted or fed to the animals and so produce more compost.
  • Low impact living
    We build our bungalows on rocks and avoid cutting rainforest to keep our human footprint to the minimum.
  • No-trace tourism policy
    Please only bring with you the essentials and stay within our no-trace tourism policy. No worries, we will teach you how it works.

A stunning view, the feel of being outdoors in the middle of nature, complete privacy, comfort in the mindset of functional minimalism…

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