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Healing Center

Health is a process and healing is a path. It doesn’t matter where you start, what counts is to find the inner motivation, a simple system that works and makes sense and finally the support system to get started.

The healing center offers one-on-one sessions as well as group workshops.

You can individually book one-on-one sessions during your stay. We will customize each session specifically based on your most urgent needs.

Group workshops require a minimum of 3 participants and will last depending on the program option 1-4 weeks.

The beauty of a group workshop is to engage on this path as a team to find courage together, support, inspire, give each other the strength to open up and access areas inside ourselves where we might never dare to go on our own.

Basic Structure of All Group Workshops
• Daily morning exercise and relaxation
• Daily presentations/talks
• Daily personal growth sessions (emotional processing)
•Time to enjoy the island
• Group sharing sessions
• Communal sharing of basic chores

1 week

Focus Bodywork Program

We will address you physical limitations, aches and pains primarily from a body work point of view: Daily hands-on bodywork - Massage sessions tailored to your needs - Tone and strengthen your body - Deepen your understanding of how our anatomy and body systems work to allow for lasting results.


1- 3 weeks

Bodywork and Lifestyle Program

One step further than the Bodywork Program, we will look at how your overall lifestyle impacts your current stat/chronic issues. We will analyze their root causes and design a realistic target for you to eliminate symptoms, find balance and stability. This holistic program uses all 6 access points (seen under Philosophy) and we will gently transition towards this new target during your stay. In addition to physical and hands-on work, we will include also conceptual as well as emotional release work.


4 weeks

Complete Reset Program

Building on the core of the previous programs, here the reset goes all the way: Like going back to your body’s “factory settings”: for 3 weeks, you will experience the basics of human nutrition, a raw unprocessed hunter gather diet and rediscover your inner guidance system, your nutritional instinct. You will sensitize your taste buds for natural flavors and mobilize your self-healing powers like never before. In week 4, we will define your most realistic and comfortable longterm diet and lifestyle and progressively transition towards it. Hands-on work - deep-cleansing - physical and emotional released work and most importantly you will start to listen to your inner guidance system in all areas of life.


Philosophy of Our Healing Center
  • Food
    We are what we eat, and how we feel is strongly impacted by what we are putting into our bodies. Food is your best medicine.
    All starts with the basic understanding of how food impacts our bodies and minds and how to differentiate between foods that heal and foods that harm us.
    Individual consulting sessions are custom designed to help you understand your own body signals and find a solution that suits your lifestyle. There is no one diet that suits everyone, but there is an appropriate diet and lifestyle for each one of us that allows us to find balance and well being. The key is to find the right one for you and to figure out the system for you to implement it - first here on the island, then later in your everyday life.
  • Movement and Exercise
    Movement is an essential ingredient in the proper functioning of our body. We will start with an assessment of your strengths, weaknesses and potential challenges. We use tools coming from Yoga and a body-work approach called Body Mind Centering as well as Chinese medicine to first create understanding and awareness of what is going on in your body.
    Next we will design a program to allow you to open up physical blockages, get rid of pain, tone and strengthen your body system safely. We will apply it on a daily basis. Our hands-on approach will quickly give you a feel and understanding of what is going on in your body. Regularity of practice will assure steady results and impart a routine that is easy to continue at home, to extend the benefits of your transformation process.
  • Relaxation
    Releasing physical tension is important for allowing your self-healing forces to heal your body from the inside out. We will integrate relaxation daily into our movement practice. In addition, we offer massages such as OhaShiatsu (Japanese acupressure massage) and aromatic coconut oil massages to release blockages and tensions fast and effectively.
  • Emotional Release of Tension and Inner Blocks
    Our physical body is the reflection of our inner mental and emotional state. In our healing sessions, we will attend to both your physical and your underlying mental/emotional states, to find the root causes of issues. By releasing emotional tension, we will create long-lasting results.
  • Conceptual Clarity
    To find long-term stability and consistency on our path towards health, we need to understand what is going on inside of us. To get rid of inner confusion, we use an approach based on the analysis of our basic human needs, in order to differentiate true and false needs. We further discuss the mechanisms that are hard-wired in all human beings to find inner guidance. Self-healing and getting back to inner balance (homeostasis) are very strong forces that exist in all of us. We’ll create the space and understanding for them to express themselves and eliminate what hinders their proper functioning.
  • Continuity and Lasting Results
    Overall, it is our goal to give you a holistic understanding of all the above core access points which are all essential and contribute to enable your self-healing power. In addition to the daily practice during your retreat, we will teach you methods and practices to take home with you and to integrate into your everyday life.

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